Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flying High in Valdez

Two weeks ago I was in Valdez for a few days working on a couple projects for work. If I had done nothing else but work 12 hour days, it would have been an incredible trip, but oh-no, not when the sun is shining like it was.

The 45-minute morning flight from ANC to VDZ was non-stop eye candy. Then, on the 15 minute drive to the Terminal, a brown bear sow was feeding on pink salmon galore at Solomon Creek.

Pink salmon trying to get around the weir, a device used to count fish as they swim upstream.

Jump'n humpy.

Momma and her brood.

Fish on.

After work activities entailed running the XC trails in Mineral Canyon and the ridge line trail behind the high school one day, and flying up to the glacial headwaters of Gold Creek to do a little hiking with Joe and his third, Kai.

Joe's Super Cub.

The small Gold Creek Glacier wasn't much for the heat, and was melting away.

What remains of last winter's snow.

Sun behind the peaks and headed back.

Out toward a foggy Prince William Sound.

Looking for sharp rocks before take off.

Kai was all smiles the whole time except for the second Joe took this pic. Who could blame him for being a happy kid though? Kai loves planes, big boats, snowballs, and I've never seen a toddler get so excited to spot goats.
Thanks again for the flight and the hike Joe, it was a great time!

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