Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Here I go

This marks the start of my blog. This will hopefully also be the 'wordiest' post. For the most part you can expect to find only photos and the occasional caption. I hope to keep in touch at a more personal level instead of writing for everyone at once, so feel free to email me whenever you want.

The facts: Place of Departure: Burlington, Vermont
Date of Departure: February 13th Date of Arrival: February 15th (I’ll be flying right over Valentines Day, sorry, I can’t be yours)
Place of Arrival: Christchurch New Zealand (South Island, East Coast)
Time Difference: by the hour, only 8 behind, by the day, one ahead (it’s the dateline thing)

1 comment:

pisap said...

dante, glad your trip went well. hope the jetlag isnt too bad. you totally missed the vermont valentines day blizzard. so far a mere 30 inches. have fun