Sunday, March 4, 2007

It's all in a weekend

Had some real trouble deciding what pictures from this weekend to post, I think these sum it all up the best.

Sunday, hiking in the port hills; jump a bus into town and take any of four city busses that run by trail heads for a short ride to spectacular tracks. You can go for a 20 minute walk about or disapear for the day.

Looking south from the port hills across governor's bay

Lunch overlooking chch

Hiking upward from chch

Ok, its just a sheep, but its a different experience coming across big flocks of them on a hike.

Chasing them, no matter how cute, is definitely illegal-

Easy test, which part of this ridge was grazed?

Narv tries to hit the 15 foot bike jump

My bike cannot come soon enough!!!!!!!!!! This place has some epic riding.

Warm Saturday= New Brighton Beach

Friday afternoon Mic, Meghan's flatmate, took us to one of his favorite cafes in the old part of the city. I don't know how I missed this part of the city, its not two blocks from downtown, but much nicer, I'll be going back for further exploration in the very near future.

Classic restored old building on High Street

Three Brother's Wheat, home brewed at the Twisted Hop

Caution: this beer is extremely fresh, this is the kind of place to go to if you want a good Kiwi brew and fine food.

Are you hungry? Emmental, Sopressa and freshly baked bread

What more can you ask for?

Maori music on the corner of Cashel and Litchfield

Narv makes a friend at the Pak'n'Save

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