Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tour: short

OK, here's the short on the long.
Distance: 50KM
Time: 3:17

Placement: 98th of 224

Conditons: Imaculate in some place (in the woods and on areas not torn-up by 40K and 25k skiers), lots of mashed potatoes elsewhhere, hellacious wind-blown sand mixed into the snow on the coast.

Rundown: Hardest tour conditions yet seen, my time was four minutes slower than last year, but my placement improved by 40 spots - a direct reflection of effort - and this year's field was comprable (about 10 less) to last year's. Most important, unlike last year, I didn't leave a drop in the tank and skied my best. Still fun.

More some other time.

Yanked from the Tour's site, lined up to go, I'm on the far left behind Carly R, also in a TTA suit.

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