Sunday, September 23, 2012

More rainy weekends

A week ago the hype was growing, the snow was descending from the ridgelines, and talk of first turns on Friday was rampant.
Those dreams were erased, or transformed, when storm number 3 rolled in, warm and wet. Temps at 4,500 feet shot all the way up to 40, and down here at sea level, made it to the 60s in the sun.
The percipitation was plentiful though. Flooding has hit from Talkeetna - which was evacuated - to Seward and Valdez, which were both temporarily cut off from the rest of the state.
Friday morning, Dan, Mike, and I settled for Plan B and hiked up Wolverine Peak. The 8-9 mile summit grab was a good way to work on the "uphill legs" and enjoy the 6 hours in sunshine before storm 4 (ya, I'm keeping count) hit. We started early though, and made it back to town in time for a late lunch and beat the rain.

From the summit, looking east, Long Lake on the left and Williwa Lakes on the right.

Clouds moving in over the Williwa Lakes.

And Long Lake.

Kanchee and Knoya peaks, left to right.

Friday night we went to see Powderwhore's "Choose Your Adventure." Here's my quick and dirty review:
Not usually a fan of ski flics, but this was well worth the $5 admission, not just for the skiing, but the characters and commentary. They did a good job finding some folks who actually "live the dream," even if the dream means living in a 10' x 10' cabin in the middle of nowhere and consuming copious amounts of hard liquor (when not shredding). The Bob Athey segment takes the cake.
And trailer:

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