Sunday, October 26, 2014

East Half

The secret plan to win fall 2014 has so far been an unrivaled success. I ditched an increasingly cold and inhospitable AK October 9, and took the best travel iten east I've had in 10 years: one stop in Chicago. I was in Vermont on a sunny October day before lunch!
Chicago, 5AM.

Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains.

Mad Max.

Amy's kale was looking a bit more vibrant than mine.

Despite only 2 hours of plane dozing on the red-eye, Ashar rallied the troops and I was able to catch a ride on day 1. I rode all but 2 days of the week and a half I was back east.
Nettle hollow.

Berry corner.

10 years ago this trail was underwater thanks to some industrious beavers.

Malzac's cabin looks no worse than it has. With bow season about to start, everyone is prepping their camps. I was just glad to charge some of my favorite East Middlebury descents.

Really? Whenever I pop out of Nettle Hollow and see this, well, it's just awesome.
Hike up Pine Hill.

Otter Creek.

Perch fishing on Lake Champlain.
First perch. We caught 46 of his buds.
Just Vermont.

Northern fishing on Hortonia on a perfect fall day.

Classic...stuck behind a manure spreader.
On Wednesday I rode the revamped Chandler Ridge trail, and later connected it with Oak Ridge to do a long point to point. It was great to see this sign, after growing up with these trails being illegal to ride.

Silver Lake with a view of Mt Moosalamoo. A few hours later I would be up there.

Bright colors in Leciester Hollow.

Peak folliage on the lonely Goshen-Ripton Road.

Blues night with Ashar and Andrew at 51 Main.
The casa.
Middlebury from Chipman Hill on a sunset ride and my last ride in Middlebury. What a send off.

Lobster night.
Re-uniting with my long lost ski buddy Jared on the Pine Hill Trails in Rutland. Jared's good thinking kept us from getting soaked by a passing thunderhead and enjoying these well-built trails despite less than optimal weather.


Lots of red tape in Spa State Park in preparation for SpaCX.

Bernie and I were graciously hosted by Colin and Megan, who live just across the street from the 99, former home of Skidmore Cycling.
On Monday Bernie and I headed south from Spa City to PA.
The bike room at Rodale is well used. Pretty cool!

We knocked out a sweet ride on fast flowy trails. It took some sniffing around to find the goods, but we got them and got out before dark.
The next day we headed to the White Clay trails in northern Delaware. I'd heard good things about White Clay, and they were all true. This is the Kingdom of the mid-Atlantic. Lots of fast, flowy trails that traverse open meadows and old-growth forests, with numerous features in-between.

One of my favorite shots.

On the way back to Allentown we made an accidental detour through Philly.

And went to the museum (not really).

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