Monday, December 8, 2014

Build Some Base

Fall is training for winter. It's on a weird plan, too much upper body; the mountains are built up in the alpine, thin and wimpy down low.
Warm and wet is good this time of year though. The layers are making friends with each other and ganging up on the alders. Mid-elevations are smooshed down nicely compared to the past two seasons, and despite gray bird conditions this weekend, the consolidated maritime snow skied great, even in the milky alpine.

Pics: talk!

More action in Seattle Creek on Friday with Kellen and Aaron.

Not sharing his soup.

Cody and I headed to Tincan on Saturday. Viz was in and out and there were a lot of familiar faces on the mountain. Perfect place to be.

The gliders from November are turning into perfect pillows.
Too stormy down south, and alas too slushy to ride the upper portion of Middle Fork.

Perfect tack lower down though and great lighting.

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