Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big white lines

Good stability, bomber powder and clear blue skies in the backcountry this weekend reminded me why I live in this cold land and not the sunny southwest. Lots of big white lines were pushed in Turnagain this weekend by many, the internets is a crawling with eye popping photos. I got out to Pete's North and Lips on Friday and Saturday respectively spraying my share of feathery white "hero snow" all over the place.
Saturday was especially epic with a nice run down a not too aggressive though still pretty sweet couloir. I was so focused on the descent when I reached the transition spot I found I was breathing about as hard as I would if I'd been wading waist deep in the snow.
I skied with Jack make sure to stop over to his blog for more excellent photos from both days including two very nice shots of your truly.

Here's a few selected shots from Pete's:
Jack. (Click to enlarge).

The ridge traverse of Pete's was narrow and covered in slippery hoar frost.

Jack and I viewed this couloir on Lips from Pete's. The next day we both added our signature to it as well.




On Saturday, Jack and I were joined by Ethan and Pete B, not to be confused with tele Pete.

On the second run Jack and I decided to ski the couloir.

Jack. (CTE).

Headed -- down.

I signed my line to the looker right near the rib while Jack started from the left then crossed over scooted across the rib and made his own line between the rocks. (CTE).

And headed up.

Ethan and Pete. (CTE).

Pete's North saw a lot of action on Saturday though I can't say there seemed to be much untracked snow left by the time Jack and I got done with it the day before. I'm sure these two and the other four we saw still found some terrain but I was happy we went to Lips and saw no one until the end of the day.

Ethan. (CTE).

Jack. (CTE).

Hero shot on a hero snow day. (CTE).

Also, my astute readers will probably realize I had no Thursday post, and thus still no promised vacation photos. I swear I'm working on it, but this past week was unusually busy and unfortunately I anticipate the same from this week but I'll do my best.

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