Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring time hoax

While the eastern seaboard has seen lot of winter this year, the west coast, specifically the northwest, as evidenced by the warm weather in Vancouver and BC, has seen more warm and wet.
Last weekend temperatures shot up into the low 50's, unheard of for February, and the rain poured down.
Our thin snowpack was reduced to mush. On Saturday temps were some comfortable, and the main roads so clear of ice and snow, that I decided to do a spring time freak triathlon. Starting at Skyview High, I did a 20 mile road ride out and back to Kasilof, hopped on the skis and did a horridly slow and strenuous (imagine trying to ski on lush grass) ski, followed by a mild 5k run.
The road ride was more pleasant than many that I enjoyed prior to sometime in mid-April of last year!
The air is cold again, and we even got a little fresh snow here last night, but temps appear ready to rebound by the beginning of next week, and I have a feeling this year's Tour of Anchorage could be a challenging one.
Anchorage has been getting tons of snow however, so hopefully the warm weather has not had the same affect as it has here.

Unlikely sights for this time of year.

The warm weather caused the river to break up.

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