Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rachel's visit

As noted in my last post, I've been on blogocation with Rachel up here visiting. Here's some selected photos from the week.

Knowing that I'd have to drive through the mountains on my way to pick Rach up from the airport, I scheduled in a run on Tri tip. While I was there I saw Pete skiing the north face of Tenderfoot. We yodeled back and forth across the ridges.

I was pretty stoked by the weather for Rachel's arrival, the drive back to Girdwood from Anchorage was a beaut. (Photo: R.S.)

Even the goats came out. (Photo: R.S.)

Mary's chalet in Girdwood. (Photo: R.S.)

On Saturday we headed to Palmer so Rachel could meet with a potential summer employer. (Photo: R.S.)

The Colony Barn, ready for a move. (Photo: R.S.)

Unfortunately we both forgot our cameras but we were treated to a whirlwind tour of the Mat-Su's agricultural scene. Very interesting, and tasty. (Photo: R.S.)

I managed to contract the latest case of snifil-us for Rachel's visit, the first time I've been sick all winter!
Anyway, Sunday I was pretty laid-up from all the running around the day before, and I had to work Monday-Wednesday.
Wednesday, winter rolled back through, dropping about 4 inches of wet snow in Sterling. Awesome! I'll say it again, winter is too short. (Photo: R.S.)

(Photo: R.S.)

We headed up to Cooper Landing on Wednesday night, and were treated to a bright sunrise Thursday morning. (Photo: R.S.)

(Photo: R.S.)

(Photo: R.S.)

Tern Lake. (Photo: R.S.)

Skinning up the boards. (Photo: R.S.)
We headed up Sugar Ridge where, despite the sunny skies, we found crap crap crap conditions. A supportable crust down low showed potential to soften up for spring skiing but it wasn't much, and temps were pretty cold. So the guide decided to go just a little higher and into the nasty stuff.

The descent was survival skiing at its best. Oh well, you can't win every time.

Checking out a snowbound cabin at the pass. (Photo: R.S.)

Anyone home?

What's wrong with this picture?
Friday we awoke to gray skies. we ventured into the pass and found conditions more similar to December 15, not April, with snow falling in earnest.
The guide, a little more learned from the prior days experience, decided to keep things simple and tour up Tenderfoot Creek to the bottom of Tri Tip's northface run.

Up we go.

(Photo: R.S.)

Couple's picture.

Aw, she made me take a real one too.

I was going to do a backflip but I reconsidered.

Good trip, but we never did make it to the mall.


Sarah said...

What great pictures! I'm a friend of Rachel and it was nice to see what she's up to up north. :)

Dante said...

Well thanks for the good words Sarah! It's great when Rach comes up here but I don't get it, she always wants to do this outdoorsy stuff and I just kind of want to go to the malls, but we still have fun.

Rachel said...

You'd better not do all your shopping with Narva because I've got some serious mall time scheduled for June.

Dante said...


Unknown said...

Looks awesome! You guys are very cute!