Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunburn and powder

The Avalanche forecast center ran some Turnagain Pass snowfall numbers for March: "152\" of snowfall, 15\" snow water equivalent and 5 storms over 15\". This puts our Turnagain snowpack at roughly 124% of normal."

I spent both my days off in Summit Pass, which may have seen much less snow than Turnagain, but still had more than enough to go around. After the past few weeks of storm skiing, perseverance paid off and the sun came out too.

On Friday I headed up the Colorado Creek drainage with Jack and the Anchorage crew to make turns in the Ptarmigan Bowl.
Summit peak's north ridge, aka the thumb tip.

Jack. Click to enlarge (CTE).

Summit Lake with Tri tip above and Tenderfoot ridge to the lookers left.

On the skyline ridge.

A nameless drainage with Tri tip on the left and Templeton on the right.

Abstract ski art. (CTE).
Geno is all smiles for this April powder. (CTE).

Jack and Geno with the south face of Colorado Peak in the background. (CTE).

A kite skier was making turns on the lake. I've seen him or her for the past few weeks. (CTE).

On my fourth run I headed for Summit's false summit.

Saturday Pete met Kjell and I and we headed up Tenderfoot Creek to the "Bad Place" on the north side of Tri tip.
Kjell was sporting a pair of long skinny touring skis so while he wasn't looking to gain much elevation, he still made Pete and I look bad heading up the creek.


We had brighter sun, colder temps and slightly more punchy powder, especially in the alpine on Tri tip, but Pete and I still shredded hard. (CTE).

A rare sight, Pete sitting down. On such a nice day it's hard not to. (CTE).


Pete heads down for the last run.

- Is it next weekend yet?


Unknown said...

looks like some amazing conditions. realy wild. nice job.

Unknown said...

looks really awesome. some amazing conditions. wild, good job.