Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gendarme and TDC

After feeling like a fool for so long, I finally got the blue bird blower day I was looking for in Summit Pass. I met up with masters of the mountains, Tony D and Paul W on the morning of April 5 at a place where lots of people have been, to ski some lines that not a lot of people have seen. The bowl we skied sits just out of sight of the masses, and its runs are matchstick short, but steep and aesthetic.
Spiritwalker, still awesome.

Different view of NeCo.

The "Mile-wide" bowl of Colorado. A ways back but full of options.

First look at the Gendarme.

Three peaks I'm proud to have skied this year, all in one shot.

Paul mid-way down the Gendarme Couloir. The namesake of the run is sizable, perhaps three stories?
Tony skis the Gendarme.
Gendarme Couloir

Climbing back out. Photo courtesy of Tony D.

Wolf tracks on the ridge.

Stormy Peak, part of the Mills Creek 5k portfolio.
Hard to tire of this place.

Exiting a spine. Photo courtesy of Tony D.

Tony enters the Touch Down Couloir.

Chatting in the sun below the TDC

One last look at the TDC and then time to make a 3,000 foot run back to the cars and beer.


wfinley said...

FYI... I've always heard that the gendarme run is called "Phallusy". Looks fun!

wfinley said...

FYI... I've always heard the gendarme run referred to as "Phallusy". Looks like a fun run!