Thursday, June 20, 2013

Creative Kredit

Look at the posts from the past few weeks.
Look at the posts from this same time period in years gone by.
Really, compare posts from similar time periods in different years.

There's a lot of similarity.
Sometimes it feels like I do the same things at the same time of year, every year.
The progression can almost seem monotonous.
But there's a reason for the repetition.
Alaska's challenging environment, and wide range of micro-climes means certain activities are good in certain places at certain times.
Try skiing from the road in doesn't happen without a lot of schwack; follow a trail to a glacier though, and powder bliss may await.

Mountain bike season is much the same.
The season starts in the low-low country, and gradually climbs up, above the ever-growing vegetation and into zones that were previously buried under snow.
As a result, there are certain places that we only really get to see for a short period each year.
Russian Lakes Trail is one of them.
This is one of my favorite places on the Kenai, and one of the main reasons I live here, yet, I can only ride it for a couple weeks a year.
So should I feel bad about riding the snot out of it - twice in a weekend for that matter - while I can?
No, I think I'm OK with feeling like I lack creativity.

Stopped at the Upper Lake on Saturday on a hot-paced out and back from Cooper Landing to the top of Snug Harbor Rd in some very hot weather.

Braun and Sharon climb through the heat on Snug Harbor Rd doing the loop on Sunday.

80+ degree temps make icy cold streams refreshing.

Veg is not taking off without rain. The upshot, the trail is easy to see. The down side, the wildflowers are few and far between so far this year.

Pastoral view of the Upper Lake.

Braun cools off in the Upper Lake.

Friday, Angelo and I beat the heat on the Kenai fishing kings.

Angelo had a hell of a fight with this guy. Hardly hooked, he ran like hell.

Catch and release only with no bait, this buck was a proud catch and an easy release.

A balanced breakfast at fish camp: fruit shake, frozen waffles.

Amy and Ashar returned from their trip on the AK Pen, making a brief stop in Anchorage.

Lots of sun has been great for the indoor garden this year.

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