Thursday, January 2, 2014

California Christmas

I just got back from a week in sunny SoCal visiting my mom, Steve, and siblings at my mom’s home. This was the third trip to Oxnard area for me this fall/winter. It’s a bit strange to go to this place that I’ve never lived in, only spent a cumulative few weeks in, and yet feel fairly familiar with.
I managed to get out and ride 5 of the 8 days I was there, mostly in Sycamore Canyon, but got one ride in on Los Robles Trail, AKA Space Mountain. Temps were unseasonably warm, with highs in the mid-70s to even low 80s one day. It was actually warmer on this trip than it was back in late October. I can’t say I was complaining, but at the same time, I sure hope that area gets some rain. It’s a weird thing to hear the locals say, “It hasn’t rained here in two years,” the same way someone in Southcentral might say, “It hasn’t rained here in two days.”
Otherwise, I spent the week eating a lot, sleeping a lot, and bickering with my siblings.
I would have to ride more if I lived in SoCal...a lot more.


Or do you prefer feet?

I posted some photos of my mom's house in my other blog about visiting SoCal, but not of this room. This room doesn't exist thanks to local zoning laws.

Back on the Trance in Sycamore.

Boney Mountain.

California Christmas tree.

We consumed 5 different types of fish on Christmas Eve, but the crab was by far the best.

Most of my rides ended here, and they usually looked like this. It never gets old.

Channel Islands in the distance.

These robin-sized birds were working their way up the shore, running out toward the water as the waves receded, pecking at the sand, and then retreating back up the beach hurriedly as the next wave came crashing in. It was amazing how they were able to keep one eye on the dynamic wave hydraulics, and another on the sand, and somehow nab their invisible prey without getting slammed by the Pacific surf.

My mom and sister learn why they call the prickly pear "prickly."

Said pear.

Hiking near mom's ranch. The lone tree is a pepper tree.

Los Robles Trail. Tricky bunny hop, better just to follow the sign's directions.

More sections of Los Robles.

Normalcy is perceived.

One last sundown in Malibu.

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