Thursday, February 20, 2014

Overdue Post for Overdue Winter

A lack of new posts here has not necessarily been related to a lack of snow. On the contrary, conditions have steadily been improving in the Kenais over the past two weeks. How much longer our luck with the weather will run is not worth putting money on, but for the time being, the skiing has not been bad at all.
Two weeks ago, Nathan, Cody, Melissa and I got sick of this not skiing business and headed to the resort. Resort skiing is hard on the body and the wallet, but it's good for the legs, and was well worth it.
Cody, in the park, on his way to beat up some buoys.

The storied orange hat, and a moon rise over Mount Alyeska.

 The next day, Dan and I headed to Turnagain, which had received a little under a foot of very cold, dry snow, resting on the hard and icy base below. Skiing wasn't ideal, but it was a sunny day in the mountains and that's all you can ask for sometimes.

The east face of Silvertip catching the sun.

Kick Step.

Many others were eager to make some turns.

This past weekend, conditions had significantly improved, with another foot or more of snow falling in Turnagain. Nathan, Lizzy and I skied Tin Can on a gray Saturday.
Sunday and Monday were spent on the Sunny Side if Turnagain, though I neglected to take photos on Monday, in part due to heavy snow for the first half of the day.

Even in a crappy year, this place kinda kicks ass.

Big Chief.



Headed home in a cloud.

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