Monday, October 1, 2012

Snows of September

Since going to see Powderwhore’s “Choose Your Adventure” last weekend, I’ve been wanting to do two things: crank some turns in fresh snow, and make a short video.
I wasn’t expecting to do either anytime soon, but this past weekend turned out to be fruitful for both.
Here’s the backstory:
The forecast called for more precipitation and a drop in temps starting Friday evening.
Having worked the previous rainy Sunday, I had the day off, and even though the skies were choked with clouds and my friends were riding chair at their desks, I headed to Crow Pass with boards on my pack to investigate.
I hit the first patches of snow clinging to the withering veg within 45 minutes of leaving the trail head. Where the outlet streams of the Jewel and Summit glaciers cross the trail near the old Monarch Mine there was perhaps 6 inches of mushy snow and it was falling. I scrambled up above the waterfalls and poked around in a whiteout for a while, nervously listening to rock crumble from the sides of Little Jewel Mountain, before reaching the toe of Summit Glacier. The snow was knee-deep, heavy and dense. Alone, with vis limited at times to 10 paces, I turned around and never strapped on the boards.
That night, snow started falling heavily in town in Anchorage around 10 PM, and the next morning, there was 4-6 inches on the trees and a little less on the driveway and lawn where it took longer to stick.
Mike and I headed back to Crow, and as we neared the turn-off from the trail, the skies split open. After a couple runs we had to bail, but only a few others made it up, so I returned Sunday with Brian and Dan to continue lapping the bowls.

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