Monday, October 13, 2008

No Name Mountain in the Mystery Hills

I didn't write anything for this post, I'll let the pics do most the talking.

Friday, after some impressive wild weather in the inlet, temps shot up into the 50's and the skies cleared out. We lost most the snow cover below 1,000 feet, but up high the winds had packed it knee deep in places.

Blue skies, corn snow, shorts and tee shirt weather combined to make for some great peak bagging weather in the Kenai. I went after a nameless peak twenty miles east of Sterling in the Mystery Hills.

Spruce Hens are everywhere. I'm told they're really tasty too. I'm thinking I'd like to find out for myself.

A view of what's to come in a clearing below treeline.

Clouds continually rolled through the valley below obscuring look out hill, Jean Lake, Skilak Lake and the distant central Kenai Mountains.

From the col looking north to Cook Inlet

Col, looking south

Climbing the ridge east of the col

From a minor summit
From the top.

360 video from the top

I looped my descent, heading down a sun baked snow field on the summits western face.

My descent brought me into the wide alpine valley north of the col. Thick willows are the definition of bushwhacking, imagine this view all all sides. With the leaves gone it's not so bad as I can see where I'm going. I can't imagine this in summer, not to mention the thick cover is great for bears.
Approaching the col


Meghan said...

awesome photos!!!

Tori Evans said...

Who is this "meghan" leaving comments about your photos? And then sending me the link to your blog? Supposedly we both know this girl and we should, you know, meet up sometime if you make it to Anchorage. I'm hear until Dec 10 and then it's back to the east coast! Hit me up.

ditto on the "awesome photos!!!"