Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hospital shoot out

Two were left dead after a gunman opened fire at Central Peninsula Hospital this morning, shattering the pre-holiday aurora of a small Alaskan community. Two hospital employees were wounded during the shooting. One later died from his injuries, the second remains in stable but critical condition as of Wednesday afternoon. The gunman, a former hospital employee, was killed, likely as a result of gunshot wounds after police on the scene opened fire.
Though the incident lasted for less than a half-hour, the entire day, which was expected to be a quiet one at the office, was consumed with follow-ups and chasing down information as it trickled in from different sources. The 20 minutes or so between the time that we first learned of the incident as it began to unfold and listening to unconfirmed reports that bullets were flying were incredibly intense.

Read more about the incident, reactions and how the community responds in the coming days at the clarion's website.

Have a safe and happy holiday

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