Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bringing it back; in the dark

Thanks to daylight savings I'm finding myself skiing in the dark after work, I'm not going to get going on what I think about this out of date practice in this part of the world right now.

It's actually pretty nice. I picked up a super bright LED headlamp and that thing throws a heck of a beam even as I cruise down the steeps at the Tsalteshi trails in Soldotna. There's a couple bears spots, mostly near the top of a few hills and in one section that does through a field, but there's enough snow on either side to get by.

Wednesday night as I came into the last half mile of my hour and a quarter loop I was getting ready to gear it down a bit, when I came across some fresh moose tracks in the the middle of the trail. The moose post hole all over the place on the groomed trails, and its only a matter of time before I'll chase one off the trail or vice-versa.
Some dogs were barking wildly in the nearby sub-division, and I assumed the young moose must have caught their attention. As the trail went around a switchback, I noticed one of the runners tracks that marked the corduroy was significantly bigger than all the others.
Setting into my edge a bit I slowed up a bit to take a better look.
"Was someone running barefoot out here?" I thought, I could see distinguishable toe and heel prints.
You can imagine my surprise, as I realized they were the tracks of a small griz. They weren't there yesterday, and my co-worker Jeff skied that loop before he came in that afternoon and didn't say anything about bear tracks.
We ran an article warning folks to beware of this, if not well fed, some will stay awake all year .
I decided to fore go the cool down and sped up a bit.
I also brought back the Way Ohs! Hopefully the little guy moves on and tucks away pretty soon.

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Andrew J. Bernstein said...

Yeah, I was riding my 'cross bike the Northwoods the other day, and came across some bear tracks in the mud. It's scary out here in these hill towns... I sure do hope them critters get to sleepin' pretty soon...

Be careful out there.

How was election night for you? You must have known the results earlier than us here on the right coast.