Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting by

October is the month of “getting by” up here.
It’s the November I knew in the Northeast: The leaves have fallen, the temperatures are oft below freezing by month’s end, but the snow is likely still amiss – or lacking sufficient depth.
The start of winter is not unlike starting my old Subaru on a cold morning: It’s different every time, usually unpleasant, and there’s always a chance it simply won’t go; though if and when it does, the ordeal is quickly forgotten.
I’ve said this is the one month someone can safely leave this state and not worry about missing a thing.
It’s true.
There could be some warmish sun and dry weather, particularly in the earlier half, but this time of year, sun also means cold.
And there’s a good chance the early season snows will fall, especially up high, but early season means limited terrain and lurking rocks.
It’s the month of “getting by;” the tail end of one season greeted by the new beginnings of the next. A period in which time is filled with the activities of various seasons at once.
That being said, “getting by” this October sure was sweet…
It’s not to say I’m not jealous of my friends who spent time this October in warmer climes at lesser latitudes, but I think I did OK “getting by.”

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